DIGILINK-HD Performance with Style
 Live Assist made flexible.

The key to a quality live show is the talent. With Digilink-HD, we focused on how we can make the Live Assist experience optimal for the talent. It needs to be intuitive and easy to learn. Yet, it still has to have the power and flexibility to give the user what they need. DHD accomplishes this.


With DHD, you can create custom playlists, use quick access Hot Keys, search for a specific audio file, monitor the play log and record a call-in without breaking a sweat.


See how live assist can be made simple, flexible and powerful with Digilink-HD.

Multi-Purpose Tool

The On-Air screens for Digilink-HD serves many functions. Each function is critical for making your Live shows sound professional and clean. Whether you are playing an all request hour, or taking call-ins, DHD fits your needs for Live Assist.


2 Play vs. 3 Play outputs

Digilink-HD comes standard with 2 player outputs. This allows you to connect to 2 different channels on your console to control your automation volume. Therefore giving you the ability to fade out a song using your console fader, do your voice track over the air, and then bring the volume up on your incoming song.


Digilink-HD also has the ability for a 3 player output to your console. This optional upgrade gives you an extra

output to connect to your console. In which case you can manually fade a song, bring up a music bed underneath your voice track, and then volume up the next song on your console. Giving you that extra flexibility that many DJ's demand.


The cue output is automatically assigned to your PC sound card for easy setup and playback.


Function and Design

With features such as Drag and Drop, Digilink-HD uses modern technology merged with 30+ years of design experience.


Use the Up/Down timer to count down to your next spot break. Or bring up the the Recorder to record a call-in, or create a Podcast.


The Playlist allows you to play any file at any time. Play them in order, or play them out of order, it's up to you. Using your 2 or 3 player output, you can play any of your audio files instantly and effortlessly.


Like the playlist you just created? Then quickly save it for later playback. Have a live show and want some sound effects handy along with some quotes from the coach after the big game? Digilink-HD can do that.


Need to cue up a file or search through your large library? Digilink-HD has it covered. Live Assist is designed to make life easier and meet your needs.




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