DIGILINK-HD Performance with Style
 Networking made simple.

When we designed the Digilink-HD, we focused on ways to make your staff's life easier. The first step, make it networkable.


With DHD-Tools, you can connect unlimited auxiliary studios with up to 10 On-Air studios. This means you can perform your daily tasks from one room, and not bother the DJ's in your studio.

Simply path to your studios over a standard Windows network, then select which studio to work on. You can even use Remote Desktop to connect to any of your On-Air studios and monitor what is going over the air.


For security and ease of use, create user profiles with privileges to specific functions within the software.

Manage your Audio Library

With access to your audio libraries, you can add, delete, and replace audio files with ease. Change critical information such as start and kill dates for your spots, or create and manage music categories.


Use the Distribution Manager to add audio files to specific stations.


With this feature you can manage all of your studio's libraries quickly and easily. You can mass assign information such as music categories, start and kill dates, overlap times or audio types.


All of your station's audio libraries are at your finger tips.

Change your Schedules


All scheduling can be done using Digilink-HD Tools. With each studio connected, you can alter any schedule at any time. Changes made within DHD-Tools, instantaneously updates the respective studio.


With DHD, you can use any major 3rd party traffic or music scheduling software. Or schedule your music, spots and content directly into DHD. You can create music clocks to import with your traffic, as well as schedule live, satellite and automated hours.


Scheduling within DHD is quick, easy and flexible. Allowing you to get on the air quick but with the ability to create complex and extremely custom schedules.

Reports, Voice Track, Timed Records and more

Digilink-HD Tools gives you the ability to perform all major tasks for your production, scheduling and automation needs.


From here you can create extensive Timed Record schedules. These Timed Records can be setup to listen for audio, which then creates a clean news report for later playback.


You can also generate reports, such as Spot Logs for reconciliation, or BMI reports for your music played.


With all of the abilities of DHD-Tools, you can get the job done, where and when you want.  If your office is either across the hall from your studio, or on the next floor, you can still access all the important information, and execute any necessary task.


With DHD-Tools, you and your staff are liberated to do more in less time and with less effort.

Automatic Backup

Digilink-HD automatically backs-up its settings and schedules every time you close the software. Every file is contained in a single folder, for creating an extremely easy, comprehensive backup, of all your audio, settings, schedules, etc. This can be put onto a backup hard drive or networked PC.



As an optional add-on, you can also purchase the Remote Access Server. This Server will do a daily scheduled backup of all your On-Air computers' hard drives. This backup wizard is integrated into the SBS console for the purpose of allowing administrators to quickly create a robust backup/restore strategy without requiring them to have prior experience in Windows backup technology. To learn more about the Remote Access Server option and its pricing,

go here.


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