DIGILINK-HD Performance with Style

Satellite automation for Digilink-HD is more than just playing network shows. It means local along with professional ball games. It gives you control when there isn't an internet connection. It gives you flexibility both in your scheduling and production.


Not only that, but with the hardware comes professional sound cards that save you thousands and brings you audiophile sound quality.


See why satellite automation for Digilink-HD is not just satellite.


*Digilink-HD-Complete only. 


 Satellite made essential.
Ball Games

Local along with professional sports is a staple in any community. With Digilink-HD, the Bridge switcher comes standard, and gives you the ability to control the automation from any location. You may use an internet connection, or send contact closures using encoder and decoder boxes. With which you can start commercial breaks, play liners and ID's, rain delay, return to game and end game. Let your staff take the night off and enjoy the game instead of being the designated board op.

Satellite Automation

Satellite automation is popular for bringing national content to your local listeners. It brings shows and music that listeners recognize across the country.  It also gives you news that is current and constantly changing.


With Digilink-HD, you have the ability to broadcast satellite; but you also have the ability to carry a local feel. Built into the DHD hardware and software, you can create liners, jingles and ID's so that your satellite automation will still represent your station.


The Bridge Switcher hardware has 16 channels built-in. So you will never run out of inputs for all of your content.


Timed Recorder

Using the Timed Record feature, you can record any of the 16 sources for later playback. This allows you to play your satellite automation how and when you want it. If you have a News broadcast at the top of the hour, but want to play it at the bottom of the hour, the Timed Recorder enables this.


Say you want to setup a schedule to record your Live show daily for later re-broadcast. The Timed Recorder lets you do this.


Setup your Timed Records to "Listen to Audio" and the Timed Recordings won't start till it hears audio over the satellite source. This creates a clean recording every time.



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