DIGILINK-XTREME Automation workhorse.
The Digilink-Xtreme radio automation software is the ideal for medium and small radio stations. Do satellite automation, ball games, voice track


The Xtreme Solutions Progam is an all inclusive program that will save you thousands, but not compromise on quality or features. It includes the hardware, software and support at a price that is a fraction of its competitors. The Digilink-Xtreme is broadcast radio automation at its best.

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More features, less price.

The Digilink-Xtreme is a powerful radio automation system that is ideal for small to medium market radio stations. It includes all the standard features for a mid-sized automation system, but its pricing is literally unbeatable for its class.


Ideal for 1 to 3 station groups.

The Xtreme has all the major features for a small to medium sized group. It has networking abilities, satellite automation, hard disk automation, plays ball games, etc...


Flexible purchase options.

Digilink-Xtreme has multiple ways to purchase, giving you the flexibility and options that best meet your station's needs.

3 purchase options with the Digilink-Xtreme:


$100 a month. Worry free cancel anytime, all you need is a standard PC. We can even provide a pre-configured PC for only $1,295 as an option.

Includes: On-Air software, network software, customer support, software updates, hardware replacement, and a Bridge switcher.


$1,000 a year. $200 in savings, all you need is a standard PC.

Includes: On-Air software, network software, customer support, software updates, hardware replacement, and a Bridge switcher.


$5,995 buyout price [ON SALE]. This includes a Dell Optiplex PC, flatscreen monitor, and Bridge hardware. It pays for itself after 4 years and includes training, customer support, software updates and hardware replacement for a year.



See what our radio automation customers are saying about our Digilink-Xtreme Radio Automation product.
The Digilink-Xtreme is a powerful radio automation software that allows you to connect to satellite sources.

Satellite Automation


Digilink-Xtreme comes with a 16 channel switcher

with built-in professional grade sound cards. This gives you

the ability to take satellite content, such as national news, ball games

and national network shows. You can even schedule timed records for delayed playback.


The sound cards also give you extremely high quality sound, so that your station sounds professional.

Ball Games

The ball games feature for Digilink-Xtreme allows you to play professional, college, or local games. It is able to receive commands to trigger local breaks, station ID's, and liners. It can also take rain delay and return to game commands for if a game gets rained out.

Hard Disk Automation


With Digilink-Xtreme, you can create elaborate music schedules, schedule spots, and create 24 hour, 7 day a week schedules.


You can also create simple, quick and effective voice tracks for overnight as well. The hard disk automation is powerful, easy to setup and very effective. So now you can sound live, even when no one is at the station.

Live Assist


Xtreme has a very powerful and effective Live Assist tool that allows you to create custom play lists, and play custom hot key pages; giving your DJ what they need to make a high quality show, attracting more listeners and generating more revenue.

The Digilink Xtreme is a cost effective and powerful automation system designed for broadcast radio along with internet radio applications.



With the Digilink-Xtreme automation system, at no extra charge, we provide software that allows you to connect a networked PC to the On-Air machine. This allows you to create and edit schedules, create voice tracks, and generate reports that display what spots & music played. This allows you to get the job done, without bothering the On-Air machine.



The monthly and yearly payment plans both include free customer support. This includes training over the phone using GoToMyPC, along with free training here at the factory. It also includes troubleshooting. There are hours of video tutorials available as well, allowing you to learn in the most effective method for you.



The brilliance in the design of Digilink-Xtreme comes with its reliability. The Bridge hardware does not have any moving parts, and is extremely durable. The software works with any standard PC*, and is therefore extremely easy to replace in the case of an emergency.

*Email sales@arrakis-systems.com for latest PC requirments.

3rd Party Software Compatibility


Digilink-Xtreme works with all major 3rd party Traffic & Music scheduling software. This allows you to use the software that you are accustomed to and integrate into the Xtreme schedule seamlessly.

Audio Conversion


We are able to convert most types of audio libraries from existing and old automation systems. Email sales@arrakis-systems.com to find out what options you have available.

Remote Access

Want to connect to your automation from your home living room, or at a remote ball game? With the remote access features of Digilink-Xtreme, you can. Do you have a DJ in Los Angeles who wants to do voice tracks, but your studio is in New York? Remote access bridges these gaps and allows you to work where you want, and when you want.


This optional feature within Digilink-Xtreme uses the latest in VPN technology to give you quick, comprehensive and secure connections to your studios. Learn more.


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