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NEW~WAVE Lite Live Assist software

New~Wave Lite is the perfect software for Live assist applications. It has a custom play list along with powerful Hot Keys that gives you the ability to create a captivating live show and draw in more listeners.

The New Wave  lite is the perfect software for live assist applications for radio or internet streaming.
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Tech Specs

Live Assist.


The New~Wave Lite software is designed exclusively for Live Assist applications. As such, it is perfect for users who want to produce live shows, and or send recordings of their show to the Internet, or other radio stations for pod-casts or rebroadcast.


To attract an audience and generate sponsorships, content is king. We understand this, and that is why New~Wave Lite is built to make your life easier, and your radio or Internet shows sound better.


The built-in Hot Keys player gives you access to custom pages for quick-access to any audio file. You have a sound effect to play, or a comment on

the big game from the coach, the Hot Key page gives you quick access to these files. This is critical for any live show, and New~Wave Lite lets you create as many custom Hot Key pages as you need.


From the main screen, you have access to creating custom play lists. You also have the ability to record your live shows for playback.


With the New~Wave Lite software, you are supported. There are a number video tutorials available 24x7, along with manuals and training material. Included with the purchase of the New~Wave Lite you are entitled to a FREE 30 minute training session with one of our staff. During this training, we will use GoToMyPC to log on and teach all the basics to help get you on the air quickly and effectively.


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Tech Specs
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