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ARC-5 List Price - $749


The ARC-5 is available for purchase online using PayPal (Only for orders within the United States). If you are outside the US, or don't want to use PayPal, please contact for payment options.


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If you have any questions, or have any problems with the checkout process, then please contact our sales staff at






ARC-5 Console



Bundle Deals.


New~Wave +

ARC-5 Bundle Deal








-New~Wave automation software.

-30 Minute phone training / PC Config.

-Free Email support.

-ARC-8 Console.


Helpful Purchase Tips


STEP 1 - Do you need 2 outputs?

The main difference between the ARC-5 and the ARC-10 series is that the ARC-5 only has a single output. This means that you are limited to how much you can do off air. If you purchase one of our automation systems, you do get the ability to do voicetracking, record live shows and phone call in shows. Otherwise you may need to get an ARC-10 series board in order to do off air production.


Having a second output (ARC-10 series or higher) on your console, or having one of our automation systems with your ARC-5, allows you to:

-record voicetracking

-take phone calls for recording and playback

-record live shows while other content is playing over the air

-do production such as record liners & spots while other content is playing over the air


STEP 2 - Purchase the console & wiring

Either purchase direct from us, or get a great deal from one of our authorized dealers. Save time & money by purchasing premade wiring for the ability to plug & play!


DO YOU USE CONDENSER MICS? If so, then you will need to purchase the ARC-48V Phantom Power supply for $69.


STEP 3 - Upgrade your automation

New studio? Upgrading your studio? Now is the time to purchase or upgrade your automation. Be sure to check and see if there are any BUNDLE DEALS with our automation software. You may qualify to save hundreds!





Other Accessories.

Need cables, additional power supplies, phantom power supply, or other gear to help you get started? Go here.