APEX Cloud $1,000

The APEX Cloud package includes everything you need for connectivity, redundancy and peace of mind. Included in this package is:

  • Remote Access setup and support.
  • APEX Failsafe software for running at a transmitter or remote location, for if your main studio goes down for any reason.
  • Cloud* and local backup utilizing a Network Attached Storage. Synology NAS with 1TB HDD.
    • *A cloud service such as Google Drive or Drop box membership required.
  • APEX Connect Automated File Downloader software.

Remote Access

Using a standard VPN, APEX automation gives you complete control anywhere in the world for your automation.


Whether you want to give remote DJ's access to voice track, import shows, modify your schedule or audio libraries; you will have complete remote control.


With a VPN, you can also share audio files between locations using the DHD-Tools software for quick distribution.


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APEX Failsafe

APEX Failsafe is setup to run in parallel with your APEX automation, ready to take over in an emergency to keep your station on air and serving your community.


Typically ran at a remote location, such as your transmitter site, APEX Failsafe is the perfect backup for any scenario. Utilizing silence sense technology, it will detect if any problems occur with your main studio feed.


For example, a storm cuts your connection from the main studio to your transmitter site. With APEX Failsafe running on a PC at the transmitter site, it will detect the silence and quickly put you back on air with your scheduled backup program.


The same benefits apply for if you are doing an internet stream, and want a backup stream.

APEX Failsafe grants peace of mind, knowing that you will be protected for what life throws at you. Such as critical failures at your main studio, caused by:

  • Virus or ransomware.
  • Computer failures, such as hard drive, motherboard, damaged hardware or OS crashes.
  • Theft or vandalism.
  • Employee sabotage.
  • Natural Disasters, such as floods, tornadoes, hurricanes, or lightning strikes.


For setup, simply connect the main feed from your studio to both the APEX Failsafe PC, and transmitter. We will help you with every step of this process, and if needed, can provide audio cabling, as well as a pre-configured PC for an additional charge.


If you have a VPN between locations, your APEX Failsafe software may be pathed to your main studio APEX, and mirror your regular schedule. So long as the audio files are stored at both locations, the APEX Failsafe software is capable of playing the backup feed, as it was meant to be.

Cloud Backup

There are so many different life situations that can take your station down, making regular scheduled backups essential.


APEX Cloud includes everything you need for local and cloud based backup. Audio, schedules, and all important components of the APEX automation software are backed up.


The backup will include your audio, schedules, and all important components of the APEX automation system. This will enable you to quickly get back on air for if your main studio computer goes down for any reason.




With the APEX Cloud program you receive a Synology NAS, along with a 1TB HDD. As part of the package, we will help you with the setup for local backup of your APEX automation software.


If you have a Google Drive, or Dropbox account, we will also help setup cloud backup.


All you need to do is plug in the power and network cable and give us a call. As simple as that.



APEX Connect

Automated File Downloader.

APEXconnect is a powerful and yet easy to use Windows program that automatically downloads audio files.

APEX Connect is a powerful and yet easy to use Windows program that automatically downloads audio files from Radio program providers for use in your programming. APEX Connect  is perfect for downloading News, Weather, Traffic, Sports, program segments, and any other radio specific program. Inexpensive, powerful, and yet easy to use, APEX Connect  is ideal for saving your station both time and money.


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