APEX Automation

Introducing the new way to automate your station.

We focused on the big picture, but never lost sight of the details. Introducing the most powerful and flexible radio automation system in the world.


APEX is the ultimate solution for any radio station. Whether you are a small Internet station, or a large multi-station group, APEX has all you need, for an extremely affordable price.

APEX Hard Disk

Hard Disk

$100/mo or $2,699


Hard Disk + Satellite

$125/mo or $4,999

With Apex, you can choose the plan that works best for you, giving you the most value.

How do you determine which plan to go with? The simple question is, do you do satellite automation, ball games, or play URL streams? If so, then you will want the APEX Plus package. If you only do Hard Disk automation, then you will want to go with the APEX Hard Disk only package.


For a more detailed list of features and the differences between the two packages, please visit our Comparison Chart page.

Live Assist.

APEX automation gives you the best live assist experience possible. Giving your DJ's the tools necessary to create a powerful and dynamic show.


Custom user profiles

The live (on-air) screen gives you complete control of how it looks. Resize, and map any module to your exact preference, and then save your user profile. Create an unlimited amount of user profiles, so everyone can have their own look and feel. Or choose from the common preset layouts for an unparalleled feel.



Touchscreen & Multi monitor compatible

APEX is touchscreen and dual / multi monitor compatible. Letting you decide exactly how you want your automation to look and work for your studio.

4 Fader Output (Hard Disk only)

With the Harmony Quad Sound Card, your DJ can play 3 different audio files on three different faders on your console. This allows them to lower the volume on an outgoing song, with a music bed on a second fader, and the next song on the third fader. The 4th fader is used to cue or audition audio files.

Learn more.


Multi-Sort Audio Library Search

Your DJ also has complete access to your audio library. They can create custom play lists quickly using the multi-sort function of the library. For example, you can choose to search for a Beatles song from 1968, and it will pull up all the Beatles tracks from 1968.


APEX radio automation allows you to connect to one, or as many networked studios as you like. Record your voice tracks, change your schedules, or manage all of your audio libraries from a single PC.


Have audio files that you want to go to only one station? It'll do that. Or maybe you want a handful of files to go to 3 of your 10 stations. No problem. All this is done through the APEX-Tools software.


Learn more.

Hard Disk Automation.

APEX radio automation comes standard with complete hard disk automation. This means that you have music scheduling, live assist, voice tracking and fully automated schedules. You even get a 4 output, 1 input professional sound card (Hard Disk only).


Learn more.

URL Playback, Satellite &

Ball Games.

(APEX Plus only)

Do you do satellite automation or ball games? Do you need to play a URL stream? Then you will want to choose the APEX Plus package. This includes a 16 channel switcher that connects directly to your satellite switcher, or relay box. With Harmony hardware and APEX software, you get the ability to stream satellite feeds live, or even record your shows or news for later playback.


The ball games feature for APEX allows you to play professional,

college, or local games. It is able to receive commands to trigger local breaks, station

ID's, and liners. It can also take rain delay and return to game commands for if a game gets rained out.


Learn more.

APEX Cloud.

As an optional add-on, APEX Cloud gives you solutions that make your station accessible, and protected. Utilizing the latest in security protocols, APEX Cloud is the safest in the industry, and essential for any station.


Learn more.

Internet Radio Ready.

APEX radio automation works with most popular encoders. Use this encoder to send your audio along with Title and Artist information to your streaming service of choice.

3rd Party Software.

Audio Conversion.

APEX radio automation works with all major 3rd party traffic and music scheduling software. We also work with all 3rd party audio production software. So you can continue to use whatever software you are used to, without compromise.

We are able to convert most types of audio libraries from existing and old automation systems. Email sales@arrakis-systems.com to find out what options you have available.

Support & Updates.

Phone support

is included at no additional charge*. Setup phone training sessions, where we will connect to your PC and walk you through everything to help get you and your staff started. Or call us to help with any troubleshooting.


Phone support is offered during normal business hours.

Email support

is included*, along with extensive Online material. You will find hours of tutorials and walk-through material, that covers everything you need to know.


Access this material 24x7, and learn at your pace.


Training at our Factory is also included at no additional charge.

Software Updates

are included at no additional charge*. So you will always have the latest and greatest version, working with the newest Windows OS.


Rest assured that your station will always have the most cutting edge software out there.

*Included with the monthly program. 1 Year support and updates are included with the buyout purchase.

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  • Features List

    Excellent for Broadcast & Internet Radio

    See comparison chart for more details for the differences between APEX with Satellite, and the Hard Disk only version. Learn more.

    URL Playback & Satellite (APEX Plus Only)

    Bridge Switcher - Comes with the Bridge Switcher Hardware. Learn more.

    16 Audio Channel Input - The Bridge Switcher has 16 audio channel inputs.

    Satellite Liners & ID's - The Bridge Switcher accepts closures from a Satellite receiver, which can then play custom liners and station ID files to play during a satellite hour.

    Network record & playback - With the Bridge Switcher, you can create a record schedule, that can record any of your 16 audio input sources.

    Satellite Autofill protection - Built-in to the APEX scheduling, is an autofill feature for satellite. If your audio files are close to 30 or 60 seconds in length, it will auto shrink or expand the file so it will become a true 30 or 60 seconds. The file must be within 4% in order for this feature to automatically apply.

    URL Streaming - Play network streams from a URL. Schedule like a satellite hour to play the URL stream based on your schedule.



    Ball Games (APEX Plus Only)

    Manual Ball Games - Manually schedule, and play/operate your ball games.

    Fully Automated Games - Schedule ball games to automatically start and stop, so as to play completely unattended.

    Rain Delay - Built-in rain delay feature. You can receive a closure, which will then pause the ball game and go to an alternately scheduled automation schedule. If the rain delay ends, it can then automatically go back to the game, where it left off in the schedule.




    Manual Records - Create a recording by manually starting and stopping the record. Quickly trim, normalize and edit the file for quick play back.

    Timed Records - Create a schedule of recordings, that will automatically record the selected audio source at a specified time. This can be scheduled to only record for if there is audio above a certain threshold, as well as by closure.

    Record Satellite Sources - Record satellite audio for later playback.

    Auto-overwrite old recording - Setup your Timed Record schedule to record over your old recording, and schedule the file to play the updated file automatically.

    Auto-Schedule to Play - Schedule your timed record file to auto-play at designated times.



    Live Assist

    Hot Key Pages - Create hot key pages for quick access to specified audio files. Create an unlimited amount of Hot Key pages with custom names.

    Live Playlist - Create custom playlists for your live shows.

    Live Voice track - Quickly and Easily voice track your show live.

    Time of Day Clock - Clock with Day / Hour / Minute / Second.

    F-Key Hot Keys - Quick access F Keys, that allow you to perform your tasks faster and more efficiently.

    Multi-Monitor Compatible - Connect 2 or more monitors, and place your modules anywhere on the screens, in exactly the format you want.

    User Profile Screens - Create custom user profiles, to quickly save the layout of your On-Air modules, the way you want. Then quickly access that profile at any time.

    4 Fader Play Output - 4 fader output to send to 4 channels on console. 3 faders are designated for overlapping audio as a song transition occurs. The 4th output is for cuing audio files.



    Hard Disk

    Plays .mp3, .mp2 & .wav - Capable of playing any MP3, MP2 or WAV format audio file. It will also automatically pull MP3 tag data, such as Title and Artist information.

    Touchscreen compatible - Will work with any Windows based touchscreen monitor.

    Harmony Sound Card - Works with the Harmony Quad Sound Card hardware. Learn more. (APEX Hard Disk only)

    24 x 7 Schedule - Create weekly schedules that play automatically, unattended.

    Never have Dead Air - Autofill protection if audio is missing or if the hour is under scheduled.

    Autofill Protection - Software will recognize if a file is out of kill date, or is missing, and will autoplay another specific file based on user settings.

    RDS / Title & Artist info - Compatible with RDS hardware or software, and will transmit Title and Artist data to your RDS unit. Check with Sales for compatibility listings.

    Save Templates - Save & Load schedule templates, such as a Christmas schedule, for later use.

    Music Categories - Create up to 21 different music categories and schedule special music hours.

    Play out Sound Card - Is capable of playing audio out a physical sound card.




    Standard Windows Network - Works on a standard Windows network infrastructure, and not require any special hardware or software to communicate over the network.

    Networked Audio Production - Allows audio files to be imported over the network into the On-Air computer software. For example, you can produce an audio file on a networked computer, and transfer over the network to the On-Air computer, and the automation software will recognize the addition of the audio file.

    APEX-Tools Compatible - Will work with APEX Tools and utilize all of its features. Learn more.

    Connect 2+ studios - Using the APEX-Tools software, you can connect to as many LAN connected studios.

    Network Reports - Generate reports on any computer on your LAN.

    Network Scheduling - Modify any of your schedules for any of your stations on your LAN.

    Network Voice Track - Create Voice Tracks for any of your LAN stations.

    Network Library Management - Manage your audio libraries for any connected LAN station.

    Audio Distribution Manager - A feature within APEX-Tools, that allows you to distribute any of your stations files to specific stations on your LAN.

    Password protect users - Create user privileges for specific features and stations for your staff. This protects your stations from unintentional access to stations and features.



    Remote Access

    Control On-Air Computer - Control your On-Air computer from anywhere in the world, using an internet connection.

    Remote Voice Track - Voice track for your automation from anywhere in the world, using an internet connection.

    Remote Schedule Change - Modify your schedules for your station(s) from anywhere in the world, using an internet connection.

    Remote Library Manager - Manage your audio libraries from anywhere in the world, using an internet connection.

    Remote Reports - Access and generate reports from anywhere in the world, using an internet connection.

    Remote Closure Control - Receive closures that can control your automation, such as ball games.

    Remote Ball Games - Remotely access via the internet, or by closure, to control your ball games. Start and stop breaks, play liners, ID's, delay and return to game as well as end the game remotely.




    Cart Rotations - Create cart rotations for spots for easy scheduling and playback.

    Start & Kill Dates - Add kill dates for files to play at only certain times of the year.

    3rd Party Traffic Import - Import 3rd party traffic schedules to quickly schedule your week.

    Weekly Schedules - Create weekly schedules that rotate using music categories and cart rotations.

    Refined Music Shuffle - Powerful Music Shuffle feature, that prevents titles or artists to play back to back.

    Instant Schedule Update - Any changes in the scheduler will automatically update the On-Air playlist for quick last second changes.

    Music Clocks - Create custom clocks to merge with traffic, or music. Extremely flexible and powerful.

    Simple Voice Tracker - Create voice tracks for your entire week in a matter of hours. Sound live when

    the station is unattended.

    Full Featured Voice Tracker - Powerful Voice Track module that allows you to set custom overlap times, duck audio and play Music Beds underneath the voice track.

    Merge 3rd Party Schedules - Capable of merging a 3rd party music file with a traffic file.

    Timed Events (Hard Break) - Can schedule hard breaks at user designated times anywhere in the hour. The default are soft breaks at the top of each hour.



    4 Player Output (APEX Hard Disk Package Only)

    Harmony Sound Card - Works with the Harmony Quad Sound Card hardware. Learn more.

    4 Fader Outputs - 4 fader output to send to 4 channels on console. 3 faders are designated for overlapping audio as a song transition occurs. The 4th output is for cuing audio files.

    Crossfade Carts - As a track is finishing, you can manually bring the audio down on a fader on your console, use the next cart player to play a music bed and control its volume via a fader as well. Then on the 3rd fader, control the volume of the incoming song.



    Internet Streaming

    Compatible - Will work with most major internet streaming services. Learn more.

    Title & Artist info - Will send title and artist information to designated internet streaming service.

    Podcasting - Can be used for creating podcasts, and then uploaded to your website or service.




    BMI / SoundExchange - Quickly and easily create music played reports for royalty


    Spot Logs - Create spot logs to see what and when spots played.

    Accessible over network - Access the reports screen from anywhere on your Local Network.




    Online Tutorials - Online training tutorials, that are extremely helpful for learning the software.

    Email Support - FREE email support. Answers will be giving within 24 hours on the next business day.

    30 minute Phone Training - Phone training session, used to help get the customer familiar with the basics of the software.

    Warranty - Warranty for hardware or software.

    Factory Training - FREE training here at our facility in Colorado. Customer must provide own means for transportation, food and lodging.

    Unlimited Phone Training - FREE unlimited training. We utilize GoToMyPC to log on to your PC and give a personal training session. Training sessions occur during normal business hours, excluding holidays.

    Unlimited Troubleshooting - Receive help to identify possible issues.





    Check out our brochures for more information.




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