Automation Accessories:

Configured PC w/ Dual Monitor Video Card


Dell Optiplex PC

Email sales for latest specs.

Optional Add-ons:

24" Monitor


SSD Drive - 500GB


12GB RAM (12GB Total RAM)


Tools License (qty 1) FOR APEX SOFTWARE ONLY


Every new APEX order comes with 1 license of APEX-Tools. This 1 license is for one production room. You may purchase additional licenses for $250 each.



Backup Power Supply (qty 1)


Works with both the Harmony Sound Card, Harmony Switcher, or Bridge Docking Station.



RS232 to USB adapter (For use with Bridge Switcher only)

$29 Each

UC232A USB to RS232 adapter. Works with the Bridge Docking Station.







Standard Cable (10ft length)




Select the quantity of cables you need, and make your payment.



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APEX Hard Disk Only









APEX Satellite Only











RJ45 Male to XLR Female stereo input

RJ45 Male to XLR Male stereo output

RJ45 Male to XLR Male mono output

RJ45 Male to RCA Male Input

RJ45 Male to RCA Male Output

RJ45 Male to 1/8” Stereo input

RJ45 Male to 1/8” Stereo output




Bridge to Satellite Receiver Logic

Bridge to Satellite Receiver Audio

Molex out to RJ45 input (stereo)

Molex out to RCA input (stereo)

Molex out to 1/4 input (stereo)

Molex out to 1/8 input (stereo)



Masters Music Library (qty 1)


Masters Music Library (1 collection)

Purchase a Masters Music Library and save TIME & MONEY.  Ripping, processing, compressing, and setting data on music is time consuming and expensive. And because today’s rippers and compressors are so much better than just a few years ago, Arrakis has completely remastered our radio library collection to make your life easier and your station sound better. Every Library has been:


-Recorded as MP3s at 256kbps for professional audio quality.

-Silence has been trimmed from the front and back of the audio files.

-Audio level has been ‘Normalized’ to maximum level for consistent playback.

-Audio files have been named in our Automation format so they are ready to use with any of our systems.

-The ‘Intro time to Voice’ and segue ‘EOM’ times have been set on each file for overlaps.

-Audio files are provided on a DVD-R disc with an option of an external Hard Drive.


Available Libraries...

50's & 60's Rock ‘N’ Roll (1153 songs)

40's, 50's & 60's Hits (1047 songs)

60's Rock (812 songs)

60's & 70's Country Hits (859 songs)

70's Top Hits (686 songs)

70's Rock (915 songs)

80's Country (1039 songs)

80's CHR & AC (1400 songs)

80's Pop (1118 songs)

90-95 Pop (876 songs)

90-95 Country (1228 songs)

Christmas (1100 songs)

80's & 90's Christian Hits (1026 songs)

90's-2009 Christian Hits (1225 songs)

60's, 70's & 80's Rock (1124 songs)

70's-2000 Pop (1369 songs)

90's & 2000 Rock (923 songs)

World Music (1531 songs)





All of our Library Collections are not Royalty Free, and solely intended for either

a licensed call letter radio station, or Internet based station registered with Sound

Exchange. Any personal use or duplication of this library is strictly forbidden by Federal


Arrakis Systems is not responsible for any lost revenue as a result of this library collection.

Although not likely, some audio may contain objectionable language and Arrakis Systems

is not responsible for any fines or fees as a result of any objectionable language played.

Album info may be tied to a greatest hits album, and not the original album.

We try to verify all info to be correct, but some applied information may not be correct.

Tracks contained in collection, along with the number of tracks in collection, may change at any time without notification.




Track Listings

Masters Music Library Collections are separated by time period and genre. Each collection has a variety of artists and titles to give a well rounded feel for the collection. 80% of each collection contains top hits, and 20% are B sides. By design, this gives the user the ability to play top hits, but still have the ability to play those rare songs that make your station unique. Click on the collection to download a specific track list: