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Automation Division
From our flagship APEX automation to our APEX Live software, we have the software that is perfectly designed for your studio.

Our flagship automation.
Ideal for major market multi-station groups to even the small market single stations, APEX is the pinnacle of broadcast and internet radio automation software and hardware. It is our flagship system and, as such, has all the features you could ever need.
Satellite - Hard Disk - Live Assist - Internet Radio - Multi Studio

Remote Access - Failsafe - Cloud Backup - Automated File Downloader
APEX Cloud provides solutions that make your station accessible and protected. Utilizing the latest security protocols, APEX Cloud is safe and essential.

Automated File Downloader.
APEX Connect is a powerful and easy-to-use Windows-based program that automatically downloads audio files.

Recorder-editor for Radio and Podcast production.
APEX Creator is a powerful recorder-editor designed for audio production in radio and podcasting applications.

Ideal for Small Broadcast and Internet Radio.
New~Wave is an extremely cost-effective solution for any small terrestrial broadcast or internet radio station. It is our hard disk-only software that is quick to get started and easy to use.

Hard Disk - Live Assist - Internet Radio - Single Studio

Free Live assist software.
APEX-Live is our free live assist software. This software has the same framework as our APEX automation but with the automation portion removed. This means that the software is not intended for unattended use and is designed solely for creating live shows or podcasts.

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