Freedom to connect.

Introducing the revolutionary power of Bluetooth technology in a broadcast mixer console. Seamlessly bridging the gap between innovation and convenience, our Bluetooth-enabled mixer consoles offer the ultimate solution for modern audio enthusiasts and professionals alike.


Embrace a wire-free world as you effortlessly connect your devices, such as smartphones, tablets, or laptops, to the console, enabling you to stream high-quality audio with unmatched ease. Say goodbye to tangled cables and limited mobility; with Bluetooth, you can move freely around the studio or venue while maintaining complete control over your audio mix.

Whether you're a DJ, live sound engineer, or content creator, our mixer console's Bluetooth functionality empowers you to adapt swiftly to changing scenarios, collaborate seamlessly, and deliver breathtaking performances. Embrace the future of audio connectivity and elevate your mixing experience with our cutting-edge Bluetooth-equipped mixer consoles today.

Connect your phone.


Our Bluetooth-enabled ARC series consoles can be paired with any Bluetooth-enabled device, such as your cell phone, MP3 player, MP3 recorder, editor, and more. Simply pair your cell phone to the console and answer incoming calls with the built-in 'Call' button on the board.


You can then end the call using the 'Drop' button, just like a standard Bluetooth phone hybrid. The caller receives the console bus mix ('minus' the caller's audio), ensuring no feedback.


Take calls on the audition bus, where you can record the call for later playback or send it to the program out to play over the air. It is as simple as clicking a button.


The console handles all of this while still allowing you to connect an external phone hybrid to the board.




Connect your tablet.

Bluetooth technology enables you to connect to any Bluetooth-enabled device, allowing you to use your Android smartphone, tablet, iPhone, or iPad effortlessly.


This freedom grants your staff the ability to bring their MP3 player from home and play their playlists on the fly. Additionally, your news team can record interviews and play them back using the completely wireless Bluetooth connection, providing unparalleled convenience and flexibility.




Quality audio comes standard.

With the Bluetooth connection, you can stream full bandwidth, high-quality stereo (A2DP) audio to the respective channel.


The ARC-blue boards utilize the BlueCore 5 Multimedia chip by CSR, which is the most advanced Bluetooth audio chip available, boasting performance capabilities far beyond standard Bluetooth specifications. Operating in the 2.4GHz spectrum, Bluetooth is also resistant to RF interference.



Phone Hybrid functionality.

The Bluetooth channel acts as a phone hybrid. Connect your Bluetooth-enabled cell phone and place callers directly on-air or record them on the Audition bus for later playback.


Use the Call button to accept the call and the Drop button to either reject a call or end an ongoing call.


With cell phone technology, you can even connect up to 4 callers in a conference call (depending on services provided by the cell phone model and carrier).


Additionally, you can use the Phone channel on the board to connect to a standard phone hybrid. The audio sums in, allowing you to use the channel for both Bluetooth and phone hybrid functionality.



Connect to your landline.

Don't have great cell service in your studio? No problem! You can connect your console to a landline phone system that has Bluetooth headset capabilities.



$399 List price

$299 when bundled with an ARC 10U or ARC-10UP console.


The ARC-Blue is an external Bluetooth device that can be connected to a mixer console's mix-minus I/O channel. This allows you to connect any Bluetooth-enabled device to your console. For ARC-10 and ARC-15 consoles, you can quickly connect using simple XLR cables with your Mix Minus channel.


Use the Call button to accept calls and the Drop button to end them.


You have options.

Unlocking Bluetooth capabilities on your Arrakis console has never been easier. Built-in options are available, and with the

ARC-Blue, you can add Bluetooth to any existing console. Below is a basic guide on how to get running with Bluetooth:



Purchase the external ARC-Blue Bluetooth box to connect to any of these consoles:

The ARC 8 is the ultimate affordable broadcast radio console that works for most small radio studios and internet streaming console applications

ARC-15BP Console

Built-in options

These specific models have Bluetooth built-in, and are ready to go:


The ARC 8 is the ultimate affordable broadcast radio console that works for most small radio studios and internet streaming console applications

Bluetooth Specifications


Bluetooth Chipset: CSR BlueCore5



A2DP Stereo Streaming

 Sample rate: 8kHz-44.1kHz

 Resolution: 16 bits

 DAC SNR: 95dB typ (8kHz sampling)

 DAC THD+N: 0.04% typical

 Freq Response: 20kHz (-3dB) (44.1kHz sampling)



AGHFP Cell Phone Gateway

 Sample rate: 8kHz

 Resolution: 16 bits

 ADC SNR: 79dB typ (8kHz sampling)

 DAC SNR: 95dB typ (8kHz sampling)

 DAC THD+N: 0.04% typical




1) Compression: the standards committee for Bluetooth audio has set the audio data channel bit rate at 721kb/sec. As this is less than the 1.4Mb/sec required for uncompressed 16 bit CD quality audio, the Bluetooth audio channels are compressed. The quality of audio is determined by the type of compression used. The Bluetooth default compression standard is SBC (sub band compression) with a high quality bit rate > 300kb/sec, which is comparable to CD quality.

2) Audio Performance: the performance specifications are per the data sheets from the supplier.