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Console Accessories
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For all international or orders for Hawaii or Alaska, please email for a quote.

Console Accessories
Power supply for your ARC or H Series console.
219.00 $
Power Supplies
Whether you need a replacement or an extra, you can purchase an official power supply for your hardware here.

Looking to use condenser microphones? Select the ARC-48V Phantom power supply here.
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Console Accessories
2 Channel mic preamp.
160.00 $
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Need additional microphone channels?

The ARC-MIC-PRE is a 2 channel mic preamp that can be directly connected to your balanced RJ45 console line inputs. This converts two of your line inputs into mic level inputs.

The ARC-MIC-PRE is ideal for the ARC-5, ARC-8, ARC-10 series and H10 console. It is a cost effective way to give you up to two additional mic inputs for your console. Using RJ45 ethernet outputs, the ARC-MIC-PRE can connect directly to a balanced RJ45 input on your console.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Using condenser microphones? The ARC-MIC-PRE requires its own separate ARC48V Phantom Power Supply.

Console Accessories
Compact stereo headphone amplifier.
195.00 $
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Need additional headphone outputs?

The ARC-HP is a compact stereo headphone amplifier that will directly  connect to any broadcast console. Connect multiple ARC-HP units to each  other to add additional headphone outputs.

The ARC-HP is designed for two purposes:
1) ADDITIONAL HEADPHONE OUTPUTS - To provide additional headphone outputs for your console. You may use one or more units 'daisy chained' and have multiple headphone outputs.
2) LOGIC & AUDIO INTERFACE – The ARC-HP has two buttons, Talkback and Cough. These buttons, along with other logic allow you to interface to your console.

Want to add Bluetooth to your board?

The ARC-Blue is an external Bluetooth device that can be connected to a mixer console's mix-minus I/O channel. This allows you to connect any Bluetooth-enabled device to your console. For ARC-10 and ARC-15 consoles, you can quickly connect using simple XLR cables with your Mix Minus channel.

Use the Call button to accept calls and the Drop button to end them.
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Console Accessories
External Bluetooth box for connecting to your ARC series console.
399.00 $

Plug and play has never been easier
Standard cable (10ft length) - $29

Purchasing custom cabling makes your installation quicker, easier, and helps prevent noise or other installation problems.

Terminology Key
Output vs. Input
All cable 'output' and 'input' labels are in reference to the broadcast console.
Example (A) an MP3 player output connected to our console input, would be considered an 'input cable.'
Example (B) a cable connected to the Program output of our console, going to the input of an audio processor, would be considered an 'output cable.'

RJ45 Male

1/4" Male

XLR Male


1/8" Male

RCA Male


1/4" Female

XLR Female


1/8" Female
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Console Accessories
Custom cabling for connecting your hardware to our consoles.
29.00 $

On-Air Light Kit
Wiring kits for on-air lights are available for the ARC-5, ARC-8, ARC-Talk, ARC-10 series, ARC-15, H10, H15 and MARC series consoles. These kits allow you to plug a standard on-air light into the provided female AC plug. The on-air light is not included in these kits, and must be provided by the user.

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Console Accessories
65.00 $
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