Automation Unlock Digilink-HD

There are 2 software components to the Digilink-HD automation system, and both are unlocked differently. There is the On-Air software which is unlocked via the Bridge switcher. And there is the DHD-Tools software that is unlocked via the USB stick. Here are more in depth instructions:


On-Air software unlock

The On-Air machine must be connected to the Bridge via the USB and RS232 connections at all times. Users who pay monthly or yearly, are required to enter an unlock code in the On-Air software of DHD. These codes can be added manually by a user, or automatically via the Internet. The user is responsible to make sure that these codes are entered properly so that the software does not time out.


At the top of the software it displays a Due date and an Expiration date. The software must have its code updated prior to the Expiration date. Credit card payments are typically processed on the Due date.



DHD-Tools unlock

The DHD-Tools software is unlocked via a provided USB unlock stick. This stick is to remain connected to the desired PC at all times for the software to function. You will need to purchase a new stick if the stick is lost, damaged or stolen. It is strongly recommended to keep the stick connected to the PC in a safe place.