Controller software

for the H-Series boards.


The H-Series Controller software is especially designed for the H-10 and H-15 consoles. This software runs on a Windows PC and gives you the ability to control your console from anywhere in the world. What's even better is that it is FREE with the purchase of an H-Series Console

Control your console anywhere in the world.

The H-Series Controller gives you the freedom to connect to and control your H-Series console from anywhere in the world, whether you want to work from home or are on the road. You have access to your studio at any time by simply remoting into the Windows PC at your studio and taking control.


Touchscreen, multi-touch compatible

Utilizing the latest in touchscreen technology, the H-Series Controller software allows you to control multiple channels at the same time. Giving you the power of a traditional console, in a small package of a simple touchscreen.


Digital technology for your analog board.

Automatic Restore after Power Loss

With the H Series Controller PC connected to your H Series Console, you have the ability to automatically restore your console to its previous settings after a power failure. This brings you peace of mind in an already stressful world.

User Presets

The H Series Controller comes with 12 user presets. These customizable presets allow you to choose which channels are on or off with a simple click of a button. You can assign custom names to each of these presets, enabling you to use them for different individual shows or personal defaults.

Custom Channel Labels

Assigning custom labels to your various channels provides you with the ability to identify them quickly and easily. With personalized labels, you can easily distinguish between different channels, making your workflow more efficient and intuitive. Whether you are managing complex setups or simply organizing your preferences, custom labels add a touch of personalization, ensuring a seamless and user-friendly experience with your H Series Controller.

Logic Control

While the H Series consoles already offer on-air light and phone hybrid logic, the HSeries Controller takes it a step further, unlocking a whole array of additional functionalities. With the H Series Controller, you gain access to features like on/off relays, EAS channel triggers, user preset triggering, as well as the ability to send or receive closures. These expanded capabilities empower you to optimize your broadcasting experience, allowing for enhanced automation and control over various aspects of your studio setup.


Options include a 2 or 8 channel output relay box. Along with a 16 channel input relay box.


In certain situations, you might encounter a scenario where a channel on your console has been potted down (muted), and while you are away, you may need to turn that channel back on remotely. The solution is simple: just press the pre-fader button on the channel to switch it to a pre-fader feed. This action enables you to put the channel back on the air, irrespective of its current fader position.

Monitor Levels

With the H Series Controller, you gain the valuable ability to monitor the audio levels of each individual channel, as well as what is being sent over Program or Audition.


By being able to monitor audio levels on a per-channel basis, you can ensure that each source is coming in properly and detect any potential issues.

Up / Down Timer

The H Series Controller features an easy-to-use up/down timer that offers great utility. You have the option to set the timer to start when a channel is activated, or you can manually start it yourself. This functionality proves beneficial for time-sensitive tasks and helps you efficiently manage your broadcasting schedule.

FREE HSeries Controller Download:

The H Series Controller is a FREE download with the purchase of an H Series console. Simply fill out the form below, and it will take you to the download link.

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Output Relay

Want to activate an on-air light? Need to control a phone hybrid? Need to send a closure? Then you will need an On-Air-4 for the 2 output relay. You will need the On-Air-5 for the 8 output relay.


Input Relay

Would you like an EAS system to switch to a designated channel? Would you like to activate a channel by closure? Or maybe you would like to switch to a user preset via closure. Then you will want to purchase the Broadcast Tools GPI 16.


Configured PC


Purchase a fully configured Dell Optiplex Micro from us. This PC will be ready for use out of the box to work with the HSeries Controller software.


For the most effective support experience, we recommend the purchase of a configured PC from us.