How to get started


Learn what the advantages and value to Internet streaming radio stations.

Traditional radio requires you to have a large and VERY expensive transmitter to broadcast to your audience. Obtaining FCC approval can take months, and transmitter maintenance is an endless battle.

As a contrast, Internet Radio allows you to connect to a worldwide audience after only minutes of setup, at an extremely affordable price. With smartphones and built-in Internet access in newer vehicles, Internet Radio is becoming more and more popular.


Internet Radio can be intimidating, but it is actually very straight forward.

STEP 1 - Get an Automation software

Learn about which internet radio automation streaming software will best fit your needs.

STEP 2 - Get the right Hardware

Do you want to take calls to play live, or record for later playback?

Do you want to have live guests?



You will need a console, such as the ARC-8, which will connect to a phone hybrid, and in turn, to your phone line. This setup allows you to take callers during your broadcasts. If you have an ARC-10 or higher console, you can take these callers off-air and record their interactions for later playback. Learn more.

You will need a console such as the ARC-8. The ARC-8 has 2 mic channels. If you want more microphone inputs, then you may want to consider the ARC-15 which has up to 5 mic channels. Learn more.

Do you want to use Bluetooth?


Many of our consoles have the ability to connect to Bluetooth devices. This allows you to connect to your cell phone (replacing the need for a phone hybrid) or any Bluetooth enabled MP3 player. This is a versatile solution that adds flexibility and power to your Internet radio station. Learn more.

Hardware check list:

Live show with guests

-Automation (APEX, New~Wave or Radio~Wave)

-Console (ARC-8, ARC-10 or ARC-15)



-*Microphone processor (optional)



Call in show

-Automation (APEX, New~Wave or Radio~Wave)

-Console (ARC-8, ARC-10 or ARC-15)


-*Microphone processor (optional)


-*Telephone hybrid



Basic Hard Disc Automation

-Automation (APEX, New~Wave or Radio~Wave)

-Console (ARC-8, ARC-10 or ARC-15)


*NOTE - this hardware can be purchased from one of our authorized dealers.


Learn how a internet streaming service can help distribute your content for your internet radio station.

STEP 3 - Get an Internet Streaming Service

Your personal Internet bandwidth limits you to the number of listeners for your station. To overcome this, there are Internet streaming services that have server farms that take your station and share it with your listeners. These server farms for Internet streaming are the same as transmitters are for traditional radio. Some services are extremely cheap.


Our automation works specifically with Shoutcast and Icecast protocols.

Data Casting Only

This list is expanding regularly, so please contact us if you want to use a streaming service that is not listed. Note, it may take time to add compatibility to a new service.


Are you a streaming service, and would you like to be compatible with our automation systems? Please go to this link here to learn more.

Report music played, and watch the cash flow.


It is important to report your copyright protected music to sound exchange.

If you plan on playing copyright protected music, then by law, you will need to register with


Now is the time to make a profit from having yoru own internet radio station.