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Hard Disk automation.

The New~Wave automation is a powerful software for broadcast radio and especially Internet radio applications. It is the perfect software for any radio or Internet station that wants to play music, or create live content to play over the air, or Internet. It is the ultimate Hard Disk solution.

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When designing New~Wave, our primary focus was to make the software quick to learn, and easy to use. Made for both novice and professional alike, it has the simplicity required to get on-air quickly, and yet have the sophisticated features for advanced users.


Highly fault tolerant, the New~Wave radio automation software will not allow dead air in automation.


This gives you more time, and allows you to focus more on the content of your show, and generating more revenue.


For attracting an audience and generating sponsorships, content is king. We understand this, and that is why New~Wave is built to make your life easier, and your radio or Internet shows sound better.


The built-in Hot Keys player gives you access to custom pages for quick-access to any audio file. You have a sound effect to play, or a comment on the big game from the coach, the Hot Key page gives you quick access to these files. This is critical for any live show, and New~Wave lets you create as many custom Hot Key pages as you need.


From the Live Assist screen, you have access to creating custom play lists. You also have the ability to record your live shows for later playback.

Live Assist.


The key feature that sets New~Wave apart from other software is its automation schedule. With the automation, you can create custom schedules that will play while unattended. You can create music schedules using its music category system, along with the ability to voice track for the overnight hours, so you will always sound live and bring in more listeners.


New~Wave Tools

Included with New~Wave software is a copy of New~Wave Tools. This software is where you will perform most background tasks, such as create schedules, generate reports, voice track and manage your audio library.


Voice Track

New~Wave allows you to create voice tracks for your unattended automated hours. This allows you to sound live, even though no one may be in your studio. These voice tracks are quick and easy to do, with a few click of a couple buttons.



New~Wave allows you to generate reports to show what spots or music have played. So you can reconcile with your 3rd party scheduler, or submit your Sound Exchange or BMI report. The Reports screen can also generate reports that allow you to troubleshoot scheduling problems, or system errors. This ensures that your station will run flawless, and profitable.


Library Manager

The Library Manager in New~Wave is quick and effective to use. Edit any and all information for your audio files, including Title, Artist, In Time to Voice and EOM times.


Hard Disk Automation.

3rd Party Software.

New~Wave radio automation works with all major 3rd party traffic and music scheduling software. We also work with all 3rd party audio production software. So you can continue to use whatever software you are used to.

Internet Radio Ready.

New~Wave radio automation comes with a built in encoder. Use this encoder to send your audio along with Title and Artist information to your streaming service of choice.


The ARC 8 console is a great value and a wonderful compliment to the New Wave automation system.
The DHD DAC is perfect for the New Wave automation system. It provides a high quality balanced USB sound card along with unbalanced.

Broadcast Console Mixer

The New~Wave automation system works seamlessly with our consoles. There are many bundle options that will save you hundreds, and give you a complete package for getting started. Both the ARC-8 & ARC-10 consoles compliment the New~Wave very well, for creating powerful live content.

Learn more.

Harmony Sound Card

The most common question for new New~Wave customers is, "what sound card should I use?" You can use the on-board sound card in the PC, but it will give you poor audio quality. As a result, we created the Harmony Sound Card that will give your station a beautiful sound, without breaking the budget.

Learn more.

Remote Access

Want to connect to your automation from your home living room, or at a remote ball game? With the remote access features of New~Wave, you can. Do you have a DJ in Los Angeles who wants to do voice tracks, but your studio is in New York? Remote access bridges these gaps and allows you to work where you want, and when you want.


This optional feature within New~Wave uses the latest in VPN technology to give you quick, comprehensive and secure connections to your studios. Learn more.


Support & Updates.

With the New~Wave radio automation software, you are supported. There are hours of video tutorials available 24x7, along with manuals and training material. Included with the purchase of the New~Wave you are entitled to a FREE 30 minute computer configuration session with one of our staff. During this setup, we will use GoToMyPC to log on and configure your computer to help get you on the air quickly and effectively.


Free Securenet Offer - EMAIL SUPPORT is available:

If you have received a FREE copy of the New Wave by signing up with Securenet, then email support is included, so long as you are a current customer with Securenet Systems. The 30 minute setup/training session is offered at an additional $50 per hour.





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    Excellent for Broadcast & Internet Radio




    Manual Records - Create a recording by manually starting and stopping the record. Quickly trim, normalize and edit the file for quick play back.



    Live Assist

    Hot Key Pages - Create hot key pages for quick access to specified audio files. Create an unlimited amount of Hot Key pages with custom names.

    Live Playlist - Create custom playlists for your live shows.

    Live Voice track - Quickly and Easily voice track your show live.

    Time of Day Clock - Clock with Day / Hour / Minute / Second.

    F-Key Hot Keys - Quick access F Keys, that allow you to perform your tasks faster and more efficiently.



    Hard Disk

    Plays .mp3, .mp2 & .wav - Capable of playing any MP3, MP2 or WAV format audio file. It will also automatically pull MP3 tag data, such as Title and Artist information.

    Touchscreen compatible - Will work with any Windows based touchscreen monitor.

    24 x 7 Schedule - Create weekly schedules that play automatically, unattended.

    Never have Dead Air - Autofill protection if audio is missing or if the hour is under scheduled.

    Autofill Protection - Software will recognize if a file is out of kill date, or is missing, and will autoplay another specific file based on user settings.

    RDS / Title & Artist info - Compatible with RDS hardware or software, and will transmit Title and Artist data to your RDS unit. Check with Sales for compatibility listings.

    Save Templates - Save & Load schedule templates, such as a Christmas schedule, for later use.

    Music Categories - Create up to 21 different music categories and schedule special music hours.

    Play out Sound Card - Is capable of playing audio out a physical sound card.




    Standard Windows Network - Works on a standard Windows network infrastructure, and not require any special hardware or software to communicate over the network.

    Networked Audio Production - Allows audio files to be imported over the network into the On-Air computer software. For example, you can produce an audio file on a networked computer, and transfer over the network to the On-Air computer, and the automation software will recognize the addition of the audio file.



    Remote Access

    Control On-Air Computer - Control your On-Air computer from anywhere in the world, using an internet connection.




    Cart Rotations - Create cart rotations for spots for easy scheduling and playback.

    Start & Kill Dates - Add kill dates for files to play at only certain times of the year.

    3rd Party Traffic Import - Import 3rd party traffic schedules to quickly schedule your week.

    Weekly Schedules - Create weekly schedules that rotate using music categories and cart rotations.

    Refined Music Shuffle - Powerful Music Shuffle feature, that prevents titles or artists to play back to back.

    Instant Schedule Update - Any changes in the scheduler will automatically update the On-Air playlist for quick last second changes.

    Music Clocks - Create custom clocks to merge with traffic, or music. Extremely flexible and powerful.

    Simple Voice Tracker - Create voice tracks for your entire week in a matter of hours. Sound live when

    the station is unattended.



    Internet Streaming

    Compatible - Will work with most major internet streaming services. Learn more.

    Title & Artist info - Will send title and artist information to designated internet streaming service.

    Podcasting - Can be used for creating podcasts, and then uploaded to your website or service.

    Single Encoder - Has a single audio output internet streaming encoder. Works with any Shoutcast or Icecast protocol service.




    BMI / SoundExchange - Quickly and easily create music played reports for royalty


    Spot Logs - Create spot logs to see what and when spots played.




    Online Tutorials - Online training tutorials, that are extremely helpful for learning the software.

    Email Support - FREE email support. Answers will be giving within 24 hours on the next business day.

    30 minute Phone Training - Phone training session, used to help get the customer familiar with the basics of the software.

    Warranty - Warranty for hardware or software.



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