ARRAKIS SYSTEMS Internet Streaming Service Application

Who we are

Arrakis Systems has been designing and building automation from the beginning of the digital automation revolution in the early 90's. For over 20 years, we have set the standard for radio automation software and continue to innovate our software and hardware for our constantly evolving customers.


We design automation software for the entire spectrum of customer. From $299 software for smaller broadcast radio & Internet stations, all the way to $10,500 studios for major groups. If you have a customer, there's a good chance we can help provide them with a powerful solution that works best for their needs.



Complete solution

Arrakis Systems is unique in its ability to provide both an Automation, as well as a Broadcast Console product. This makes your life substantially easier since hardware and software support for your customers can be provided at one phone number. When you send a customer to Arrakis Systems, you are providing them with a complete solution. A very popular bundle is our ARC-8 console & New~Wave automation, for only $1,299.



Arrakis Systems is dedicated to our customers. When a streaming service has entrusted us with one of their customers, we will do everything in our power to provide a positive experience that reflects well on both you as the streaming provider, and on us. We realize that our partnership involves much more than referring customers, but to support them from start to finish. We respect our streaming partners, and will always focus on keeping our partnership strong.



Superior customer support

We recognize that a working partnership necessitates superior customer service. Something we provide that other automation companies may not, is a human being. Your customers can reach us by phone, or email. There is also an extensive database of online resources such as video tutorials and training manuals. All of our customer support is in house, and our support technicians have years of experience and technical expertise.

How to become a partner

We are currently accepting new streaming services as partners. There are 4 requirements:


1) Fill out the application below. After submission, we will review the application and notify you of our decision.

2) You must provide your own encoder, and comply with one of the Title/Artist output files from our automation systems. We will not create custom output files for your encoder. Example files that are created from our automation system may be found here. Instructions on their use can be found here.

3) We will provide support for our automation product, but it is the streaming service's responsibility to assist with setting up your encoder to read our output files. We may only provide support in verifying that our product is doing our part. You need to verify that your product is doing its part.

4) We will add your streaming company & link on our website, only after you have listed our compatibility on your website.


By submitting the below application, you accept the before stated 4 requirements, and that we may use your name and logo on our website.


Questions? Please contact for help.


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