Introducing the new way to automate your station.

We focused on the big picture, but never lost sight of the details. Introducing the most powerful and flexible radio automation system in the world.


APEX is the ultimate solution for any radio station. Whether you are a small Internet station, or a large multi-station group, APEX has all you need, for an extremely affordable price.


Hard Disk

$100/mo or $2,699




$125/mo or $5,999

With Apex, you can choose the plan that works best for you, giving you the most value. How do you determine which plan to go with? The simple question is, do you do satellite automation, ball games, or play URL Streams? If so, then you will want the APEX Plus package. If you only do Hard Disk automation, then you will want to go with the APEX Hard Disk only package.


For a more detailed list of features and the differences between the two, please visit our Comparison Chart page.

Live Assist.

APEX automation gives you the best live assist experience possible. Giving your DJ's the tools necessary to create a powerful and dynamic show.


Custom user profiles

The live (on-air) screen gives you complete control of how it looks. Resize, and map any module to your exact preference, and then save your user profile. Create an unlimited amount of user profiles, so everyone can have their own look and feel. Or choose from the common preset layouts for an unparalleled feel.



Touchscreen & Multi monitor compatible

APEX is touchscreen and dual / multi monitor compatible. Letting you decide exactly how you want your automation to look and work for your studio.

4 Fader Output (Hard Disk only)

With the Harmony Quad Sound Card, your DJ can play 3 different audio files on three different faders on your console. This allows them to lower the volume on an outgoing song, with a music bed on a second fader, and the next song on the third fader. The 4th fader is used to cue or audition audio files.

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Multi-Sort Audio Library Search

Your DJ also has complete access to your audio library. They can create custom play lists quickly using the multi-sort function of the library. For example, you can choose to search for a Beatles song from 1968, and it will pull up all the Beatles tracks from 1968.


APEX radio automation allows you to connect to one, or as many networked studios as you like. Record your voice tracks, change your schedules, or manage all of your audio libraries from a single PC.


Have audio files that you want to go to only one station? It'll do that. Or maybe you want a handful of files to go to 3 of your 10 stations. No problem. All this is done through the APEX-Tools software.


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Hard Disk Automation.

APEX radio automation comes standard with complete hard disk automation. This means that you have music scheduling, live assist, voice tracking and fully automated schedules. You even get a 4 output, 1 input professional sound card. (Hard Disk only)


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URL Playback, Satellite & Ball Games.

(APEX Plus package only)

Do you do satellite automation, ball games, or play URL streams? Then you will want to choose the APEX Plus automation package. This includes an 8 channel switcher that connects directly to your satellite switcher, or relay box. With Harmony hardware and APEX software, you get the ability to stream satellite feeds live, or even record your shows or news for later playback.


The ball games feature for APEX allows you to play professional,

college, or local games. It is able to receive commands to trigger local breaks, station

ID's, and liners. It can also take rain delay and return to game commands for if a game gets rained out.


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Remote Access.

Using a standard VPN, APEX automation gives you complete control over your automation. Whether you want to give remote DJ's access to voice track, or import shows, or if you want to modify your schedule or audio libraries; you will have complete remote control.


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Internet Radio Ready.

APEX radio automation comes with a built in encoder. Use this encoder to send your audio along with Title and Artist information to your streaming service of choice.

3rd Party Software.

APEX radio automation works with all major 3rd party traffic and music scheduling software. We also work with all 3rd party audio production software. So you can continue to use whatever software you are used to, without compromise.

Audio Conversion.

We are able to convert most types of audio libraries from existing and old automation systems. Email sales@arrakis-systems.com to find out what options you have available.

Support & Updates.

Phone support

is included at no additional charge*. Setup phone training sessions, where we will connect to your PC and walk you through everything to help get you and your staff started. Or call us to help with any troubleshooting.


Phone support is offered during normal business hours.

Email support

is included*, along with extensive Online material. You will find hours of tutorials and walk-through material, that covers everything you need to know.


Access this material 24x7, and learn at your pace.


Training at our Factory is also included at no additional charge.

Software Updates

are included at no additional charge*. So you will always have the latest and greatest version, working with the newest Windows OS.


Rest assured that your station will always have the most cutting edge software out there.

*Included with the monthly program. 1 Year support and updates are included with the buyout purchase.