Powerful tools

at your fingertip.

APEX-Tools is where most of the magic happens. It is where you do your scheduling, voice tracks, generate reports and manage your audio library. What is even better, is it allows you to control any and all of your stations from a single location.



APEX-Tools allows you to connect to any of your stations from a single location. You can use the software on the On-Air machine, or from any PC that is on the local network.  In addition to the On-Air license, you are given an additional APEX-Tools license free, to run on any networked PC. If needed, you have the option of purchasing more licenses.


Remote Access

Have a DJ that is off-site? Utilizing the latest VPN technology, you can give them access to do voice tracks, update schedules, generate reports, or whatever they need to do.

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Custom user profiles

You can create user profiles, and grant specific access to specific tasks and screens. This gives you peace of mind, knowing that your staff has access to only what they need, and not where they shouldn't be.


All your scheduling is done within the APEX-Tools software. Whether it is satellite automation, hard disk music, or creating templates for your live show; APEX-Tools handles it all.


3rd Party Traffic & Music Scheduling Software

With APEX-Tools, you can use all major traffic and music scheduling software. We also work with all 3rd party audio production software. So you can continue to use whatever software you are comfortable with, without compromise.


Voice Tracking.

The voice tracking module in APEX-Tools is extremely powerful, but also efficient. You can very quickly and easily voice track your entire day, with a few simple clicks of a couple buttons. Some advanced features to the voice tracking module are:


Audio Ducking

Duck the audio of the incoming song, so you can overlap your voice track over the beginning, without being drowned out by the incoming song. You can select any audio level you need, to make it sound just right. It will then auto ramp-up the song, so every voice track sounds perfect the first time.


Custom Overlaps

Want to adjust the default overlaps of the ending and starting songs in your voice track? No problem. Quickly change the EOM and In Time to Voice for custom overlap times for your specific voice track. Your default EOM and In Time to Voice settings will stay the same, except for your specific voice track.


Music Beds

Want a music bed to play underneath your voice track? Easy. Simply select any bed of your choice, adjust the audio level of the bed, and then audition to make sure it is to your taste.


Tagged Text

With the APEX-Tools Tagged Text feature, you can add custom information to any and all of your audio files. Whether it is interesting track info, or a custom note for your DJ's. This gives your DJ's the ability to quickly and effectively create interesting and dynamic voice tracks, the way you want it.


Remote Voice Tracking

Have talent that is off-site? Simply setup a 3rd party VPN, and away you go. You can give your DJ's complete or limited access, so you can utilize their talent from anywhere in the world.


With APEX-Tools, you can generate all your necessary reports. Most importantly, this can be done anywhere on your network. Use the reports feature to reconcile with your 3rd party traffic or music scheduling software. Or use it to create your own billing for your customers. Common reports are:


Spot Logs

Generate a report that shows all commercial spots played. Sort by date, cart number, or a grouped field. This enables you to quickly see who to bill, and for what. This also allows you to generate a report to reconcile with your 3rd party traffic software, if necessary.


Music Played Reports

Need to report to BMI, ASCAP or Sound Exchange? Or do you need to reconcile with a 3rd party music scheduling software? No problem. You can quickly generate the necessary reports within APEX-Tools.


Troubleshooting Reports

The Reports screen can also generate reports that allow you to troubleshoot scheduling problems, or system errors. This ensures that your station will run flawless, and profitable.

Audio Library.

The APEX-Tools Audio Library Manager module is a powerful tool that allows you to tweak, or completely overhaul any audio file for any of your networked stations. What's more important, is that you can do most of your tasks either individually, or in mass.


Use the trim and normalize feature to trim silence at the beginning and end of your files, and normalize your audio files for a uniform sound.


Information stored with your audio files are:


Basic Information

Basic information stored with each audio file are:

Cart Number

Tag Text

Type (music, spot, liner, jingle, etc...)


Text (or artist)




Advanced Information

Along with the basic information for each file, you can also store additional information:

Start Date/Hour

Stop Date/Hour (Kill Date)

Start Time - Custom start time for the beginning of the audio file.

End Time - Custom end time for the file to end.

Voice - Traditional in time to voice, for voice tracking.

EOM - Traditional time at the end of the song, that is used as a start time for voice tracks.

Volume - Set a custom audio level that you want the file to play at.

Fade In - Custom fade in time.

Fade Out - Custom fade out time.

Category - Music category, for creating music schedules.

Cart Rotations - Create a custom cart rotation for your spots.

Distribution Manager.

Within APEX-Tools, is the Audio Distribution Manager. This module allows you to take any incoming, or existing track, and distribute the file to exactly where you want it to go. This is especially useful for any small or large group of stations.


Have a spot that you want to go to 2 of your 6 stations? Easy. Want a music file to go to all of your stations? No problem. Want to keep an archive of specific or all audio files on a server or external drive? You can do it, from anywhere on the network.