Harmony Series Hardware

Hardware solutions tailored for you.

Depending on whether you choose the APEX Hard Disk only, or the APEX Hard Disk + Satellite plan, you will get hardware to meet your needs.


Harmony Sound Card

With APEX Hard Disk plan.

$100/mo or $2,699

With the APEX Hard Disk automation plan, the Harmony Quad Sound card comes standard, at no extra cost. This extremely powerful sound card gives you audiophile professional sound that will set your station apart from the rest. Instead of dropping thousands on a 3rd party proprietary sound card, or use a low quality on-board PC sound card, you can now use the Harmony Sound Card.


It is rack mountable, and has RJ45 inputs and outputs on the back, with 1/4" stereo outputs on the front.

4 Audio Output - 1 Audio Input.

Connect the Harmony Sound Card 4 outputs to your console. This gives you 3 outputs to assign to 3 different faders on your board. By which you can manually fade a song, bring up a music bed underneath your voice track, and then volume up the next song on your console. Giving you that extra flexibility that many DJ's demand.


The 4th output is designated as your Cue output to audition audio files on the fly.


The 1 input allows you to connect any incoming audio source. This input can be used for manual recordings.


There is also a sum audio input, that plays out Output 1, which is used for playing an outside audio feed live.

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  • Technical Specifications

    Harmony Sound Card 


    Audio Performance Specifications

    1khz at +4db output

    30khz filter on noise -104.00db

    400Hz filter on noise -115.00db

    “A” weighted filter on noise -115.80db


    Audition Output 30khz filter on noise -78.00db

     “A” weighted filter on noise -81.00db


    Output 1 30khz filter on noise -91.50db

    “A” weighted filter on noise -95.70db


    Output 2 30khz filter on noise -91.40db

    “A” weighted filter on noise -96.50db


    Output 3 30khz filter on noise -91.00db

    “A” weighted filter on noise -96.20db


    Frequency Response 20hz    200hz    2khz    20khz    100khz

    +/ – db variation          0db      0db       0db      0db      -0.7db


    Oscillator to Sum Input Analyzer input to Output 1

    Distortion at 20hz    200hz    2khz    20khz    100khz

                        .0034   .0034    .0034    .0034    .0034




    4 Audio Output - 1 Audio Input.

    4 Outputs - Comes with 4 RJ45 balanced analog audio outputs. May directly connect

    to any of our ARC series consoles or Simple IP nodes.

    1 Input - The input allows you to record any external audio source on your Windows PC

    or MAC. The RJ45 balanced audio input gives you a clean audio record source.

    1/4" TRS Front Jacks - Connect your headphones directly to the front to test and

    monitor audio outputs.


    USB Connection. Connect to any Windows PC or MAC for play & record.

    Use any software - Use any automation or production software to either play or record.

    Playback - play any audio from your Windows PC onto the sound card and then over the air. Play YouTube clips or any other audio from your Windows PC or MAC.

    Recording - record audio coming from your board onto your PC or MAC with any production software.

    Easy Setup - connect with a simple USB cable.


    RJ45 Connections. Quick & easy install with RJ45 connections.

    World Standard - all IO is world standard RJ45.

    Quick Setup - as simple as plug and play.

    Premade wiring - optional cables are available for common connections such as XLR & RCA. Check the accessories section for more information.


    Rack Mountable.

    1 Rack Unit - The Harmony Sound Card is rack mountable, and is only 1RU tall.


    110 or 220VAC. Autosensing international power supply.

    Autosensing - power supply autosenses between 110 & 220 VAC for domestic or international installations.



    Check out our brochures for more information.



    BOX #1

    Weight - 20 pounds - 10kg

    Depth - 22 inches - 559mm

    Height - 18 inches - 458mm

    Width - 8 inches - 203mm

    *These values may change at any time without notice



    Harmony Sound Card

    Operations Manual

    Power Supply (110V / 220V auto-sensing)

    RJ45 cable  (qty 5)

    USB cable

Bridge Switcher.

With APEX Satellite plan.

$125/mo or $5,999

When you go with the APEX Satellite plan, you will receive the Bridge Switcher. This switcher allows you to connect your system to a satellite receiver. The Bridge Switcher will read logic closures to start commercial breaks, liners, ID's, Ball Game delay/return, and more.


16 Audio Input - 2 Audio Output - Logic Input/Output.

The Bridge Switcher has 16 audio inputs, 2 audio outputs and logic inputs/outputs.


The logic connectors can be programmed to either run as inputs, or outputs.

Timed or Manual Records.

Utilizing the Bridge Switcher with your APEX automation, you can setup Timed Records, or record any of your audio inputs manually. This is especially useful for recording for later playback. For example, you have a news broadcast at the top of the hour, but want it to play at the bottom. Simply program within APEX, and it will record your news broadcast and automatically update and play your news at the bottom of the hour.


Ball Games and Remotes.

With the Bridge Switcher, you have the ability to play most ball games. Whether it is Pro, College or Local sports. You can start commercial breaks, play liners and ID's, rain delay, return to game and end game commands.


Let your staff take the night off and enjoy the game instead of being the designated board op.


You can also send closures using 3rd party hardware to trigger these commands, and control from anywhere in the world.


Learn more.










Warranty & terms.


Buyout Option


1 year limited warranty on all new Harmony Sound Card, or Bridge Switcher hardware.


Arrakis consoles carry a manufacturer‘s warranty subject to the following guidelines and limitations:


A) Except as expressly excluded herein, Arrakis Systems inc. (“Seller”) warrants equipment of its own manufacture against faulty workmanship or the use of defective materials for a period of one (1) year from date of shipment to Buyer. The liability of the Seller under this Warranty is limited to replacing, repairing or issuing credit (at the Seller’s discretion) for any equipment, provided that Seller is promptly notified in writing within five (5) days upon discovery of such defects by Buyer, and Seller‘s examination of such equipment shall disclose to its satisfaction that such defects existed at the time shipment was originally made by Seller, and Buyer returns the defective equipment to Seller’s place of business in Loveland, Colorado, packaging and transportation prepaid, with return packaging and transport guaranteed.


B) Equipment furnished by Seller, but manufactured by another, shall be warranted only to the extent provided by the other manufacturer.


C) Thermal filament devices (such as lamps and fuses) are expressly excluded from this warranty.


D) The warranty period on equipment or parts repaired or replaced under warranty shall expire upon the expiration date of the original warranty.


E) This Warranty is void for equipment which has been subject to abuse, improper installation, improper operation, improper or omitted maintenance, alteration, accident, negligence (in use, storage, transportation or handling), operation not in accordance with Seller‘s operation and service instructions, or operation outside of the environmental conditions specified by Seller.


F) This Warranty is the only warranty made by Seller, and is in lieu of all other warranties, including merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose, whether expressed or implied, except as to title and to the expressed specifications contained in this manual. Seller’s sole liability for any equipment failure or any breach of this Warranty is as set forth in subparagraph A) above; Seller shall not be liable or responsible for any business loss or interruption, or other consequential damages of any nature whatsoever, resulting from any equipment failure or breach of this warranty.





Monthly Plan Option:


(A) With the Monthly plans, ownership of the hardware (Harmony Sound Card / Bridge Switcher) remains with Arrakis Systems. In the event that the user cancels their monthly service, it is the user's responsibility to return the hardware in good working condition to Arrakis Systems. Additional fees may be applied for any physical damage to the hardware units.


A $200 deposit is taken the first month of service, and will be returned if the user has canceled their service, and has returned the hardware in good condition.


Any damage to returned hardware, that is determined in Arrakis' sole opinion to have been deliberate, will be billed to the customer.


(B) Replacement of damaged or defective Harmony Sound Card, or Bridge Switcher hardware:

Any damage to the Harmony Sound Card or Bridge Switcher will incur a $50 replacement fee. UPS Ground shipping is offered at a flat fee of $50 (this includes a return shipping label for damaged hardware). Next Day shipping is available at $180. These prices may change at any time, without notice. The replacement order will be processed within the next Arrakis business day and shipped if it is in stock.


The replacement unit may be new or refurbished. The customer must return the defective unit in the box the replacement arrived in. The defective unit must arrive at the factory within 3 weeks or the customer will be charged the current list price for the unit. Additional shipping and repairs may be charged based on the extent of the damage, and is based on Arrakis’ sole opinion.