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Internet Streaming


There are two parts to setting up your Internet streaming station. The first part is setting up your studio, and the second is setting up your streaming service to read the metadata from our automation system. We can help with both.

How to setup your Internet Radio station, Part 1.

Part 1 of these instructions assumes you are using a New~Wave automation software & either one of our consoles, or a 3rd party console. The concept is simple, you must wire your console audio & New~Wave audio. It is a lot like wiring a DVD player to your TV and surround sound system.

STEP 1 - The first step would be to connect your auxiliary equipment such as headphones, microphones, monitor speakers, and telephone hybrid. Instructions on how to connect these can be found in your console instructions, along with the auxiliary equipment instructions. Be sure to test functionality after adding a piece of equipment to the console. If you are using an Arrakis Systems console, we can assist you with this process.


STEP 2 - The next step is to take the output of your computer and run an audio cable to one of the input channels on your console.


STEP 3 - Take the main Program output from the console and run it into the input on the PC that you will use as your streaming PC encoder.


Those are the basic steps to getting connected. More detailed instructions can be found here.

How to setup your Internet Radio station,

Part 2.

The second part of the setup is to enable your streaming service to read the metadata provided by our automation. For our part of the process, it is very simple. We output data such as Title & Artist, and the streaming service reads this data and utilizes it for their software.


Currently, we work with a large list of streaming services, and this list is expanding regularly. If you want to use a streaming service that is not listed, please contact us. However, please note that it may take time to add compatibility to a new service.


If you are a streaming service and would like to be compatible with our automation systems, please follow this link here:


learn more.



Streaming Service Setup Instructions:


The links below are application notes on how to setup your streaming service to accept Title and Artist information from our automation systems. Select the streaming service that you are working with for instructions:


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