APEX Creator

Recorder-editor for Radio and Podcast Production.

$200 sale price

($400 normal price)

APEX Creator is designed to quickly and easily record a program and edit it for air. Working with either Arrakis USB equipped audio consoles, 3rd party sound mixers, or as a standalone PC recorder editor, APEX Creator is ideal because of its simplicity and ease of use.

APEX Creator is a powerful recorder-editor designed for audio production for Radio and Podcasting applications. It works standalone on a Windows PC, with a 3rd party sound mixer, or integrated with an Arrakis audio console. If connected to an Arrakis audio console it autoconfigures to play and record to/from the console.


Cut & Splice Editor


As an editor APEX Creator is an easy to use cut and splice editor for assembling audio programs. It includes specialized production features for adding entry and exit audio blocks. The APEX Creator editor can autolevel the program and insert silence as needed. It can also mix a music bed beneath the edit file.


The recorder has a ‘pause’ recording feature so that you can pause a program for a few minutes of off line work and then resume recording. Once the recording is completed it automatically loads to the editor for editing or simply saving as a file.

Hot Key Player


The player features a ten page, 18 hot key player that can play 3 keys simultaneously with individual level control for each hot key. The hot keys play out to the USB channel on the Arrakis console for mix to the console Program output (or the Default Windows Play codec if not connected to an Arrakis console). The recorder records the Program output from the Arrakis console or the mic-line input on the PC if not connected to an Arrakis console.


Not a needlessly complex multitrack editor, APEX Creator has the exact features and ease of use that is perfect for audio production for Radio and Podcasting.

Works with ARC consoles


APEX Creator is designed to work optimally with the ARC family of consoles. It will automatically recognize the USB channel and configure for quick setup.


APEX Connect will also work with other brands of boards as well.

Works with APEX

APEX Creator works in tangent with the APEX automation software. Easily create, splice and edit files, then save directly into the automation seamlessly.

Email support

is included, along with extensive Online material. You will find hours of tutorials and walk-through material, that covers everything you need to know.


Access this material 24x7, and learn at your pace.


APEX Creator has email support (support@arrakis-systems.com) and an

option for 30 minute phone training blocks at a $50 cost per block.



Test Drive today

APEX Creator runs fully unlocked for up to 14 days before it requires factory authorization. So it is easy to test and see if it meets your needs. The software even comes prescheduled with actual audio files to download from the Arrakis website for test and training.

APEX Creator

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