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15 Channel - 2 Stereo Outputs.
The best of both worlds.    
The H15 Console offers a fusion of the best features from both analog and digital technologies, marrying the simplicity, reliability, performance, and ease of analog operation with the flexibility and power of digital systems. It's a perfect blend of traditional and modern features, delivering an exceptional audio experience for all studio applications.

Additionally, it is the industry's first analog console that is software-controllable.
Hybrid Analog Consoles
15 channel analog console with software control.
4599.00 $
H15 $4,599
Software Controllable

The H-Series Controller software is included as a standard feature with the H-15 studio console mixer, empowering users to control the console remotely from anywhere in the world. With this software, you can easily turn channels on or off, monitor input levels, and utilize user presets to swiftly switch between different profiles, ensuring a seamless and efficient audio management experience.
Bluetooth comes standard with the H15 console, providing you with  the convenience of effortlessly connecting any Bluetooth audio device  for seamless audio playback. With this feature, you can easily connect  your smartphone to put callers on-air or stream recordings with ease,  making your broadcasting experience even more versatile and user-friendly.
The H15 is meticulously designed for  reliability, offering long-lasting performance and easy maintenance with  socketed ICs. Its switches and faders are engineered to endure  multi-million operations, ensuring flawless functionality in critical  environments. Skilled technicians can breeze through maintenance thanks  to accessible components, while the user-friendly interface allows for  easy operation by anyone.
RF Resistant.
The H15 features both balanced and unbalanced inputs and outputs,  making it highly effective at resisting RF interference for a clean  broadcast. The balanced inputs utilize RJ45 connectors.
5 Types of Channels
Stereo Line Input
  • 7 to 12 Stereo Inputs, giving you enough channels to connect all of your devices. Dip switch selectable on rear of board.
  • Trim pot adjustable for each channel.
  • Both active balanced RJ-45 & unbalanced RCA.
  • 2 stereo output buses. Both balanced and unbalanced outputs.
  • LED illuminated switches.
  • Play & Record in digital with a Windows or Mac OS PC.
  • USB sound card functionality to work with any software.
  • Simple connect using standard USB cable.
  • Play audio from your USB device directly onto your board.
  • Record audio from your board using any 3rd party software.
  • LED illuminated switches.
Software Controllable
  • Software controllable, the H Series Controller gives you access to your console anywhere in the world.
  • Customizable user presets that give you the ability to quickly switch between different shows or presets.
  • Automatic restore after power loss.
  • Custom channel labels.
  • Logic control.
  • Pre-fader remote control.
  • Monitor levels and diagnose any possible audio issues remotely.
  • Up/Down timer.
  • Utilizes world class security protocols.

  • The Bluetooth channel allows you to connect any Bluetooth device to channel 15 on the board.
  • Connect your phone using the Bluetooth channel to take calls and put callers on-air. You can even use a landline phone that has a bluetooth headset option for higher quality and reliability.
  • Connect your tablet wireless to the board, to play audio over the air.
  • Quality comes standard with the latest in Bluetooth technology.
  • A wireless connection protects your board from the repetitive connecting and disconnecting of equipment. Excellent for studios with high traffic.
  • 1-5 Mics built-in mic preamps. Dip switch selectable between mic or line.
  • High performance mic preamp channels, with XLR inputs.
  • 48VDC phantom power for condenser mics (Optional purchase on our Accessories page).
  • Channel 1 features a Talk button to talk to a Studio monitor.
  • LED illuminated switches.
  • 2 Phone Mix- channels come standard, allowing you to connect to a phone hybrid.
  • Audio & Logic connections available to connect to hybrid.
  • Listen off-line to a caller using the Cue button.
  • Talkback button enables you to talk to the caller off-air.
  • Mix minus feed to the caller is a mix of Pgm-Aud.
  • LED illuminated switches

Linear Faders
Conductive plastic faders for highest possible resolution and life. Dust covers designed to protect and prolong the life of the fader.

Balanced RJ45 Connectors
Utilizes world standard balanced RJ45 connectors.

Balanced & Unbalanced Outputs
Pgm output has both XLR balanced, & RCA unbalanced outputs. Both Pgm & Aud include mono mixdowns.

Momentary switches are 5 million operation & LED illuminated, for an extremely long life. No more need to replace switches or bulbs.

The headphones have both a  stereo, balanced, line level output for an external amp, and a  headphone amp output for driving low impedance headphones.

Power Supply
The power supply is auto-sensing 110-220VAC. Certified: UL, CE, CS, CB. Perfect for use anywhere in the world.
Need AoIP?
SIMPLE-IP - AoIP for Everyone.

Simple-IP is the solution. Connect any of our ARC or MARC series boards to Simple-IP to connect your boards over Ethernet. This simple and reliable solution will save you time and money.
Need additional mic channels?
The ARC-MIC-PRE is a 2 channel mic preamp that can be directly connected to your balanced RJ45 console line inputs. This converts two of your line inputs into mic level inputs.
Need additional headphone outputs?
The ARC-HP connects to your console output to give you an additional headphone output as well as logic I/O for Cough and Talkback. Need another headphone output? Daisy chain another ARC-HP to get as many outputs as needed.
APEX Live. Free with any console purchase.
APEX-Live is the ultimate live assist software for any Internet or Broadcast radio station. It is flexible, with customizable user interfaces; and powerful with numerous features. Use it in tandem with APEX, or as a stand alone software. Learn how APEX-Live can be integrated into your studio.
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