Starting at $5,775.

15 channel modular analog broadcast console.

MARC-15-15 (15 Modules) - $7,375

MARC-15-12 (12 Modules + 3 blanks) - $6,349

MARC-15-8 (8 Modules + 7 blanks) - $5,825

15 Channel - 3 Stereo Outputs

3 stereo Program output buses (with mono mixdowns).

2 inputs per channel (A/B) 30 total inputs.

Powerful phone system supports 2 phone lines.

Easy maintenance modular and meter panel hinge.

RJ-45 balanced connections.


APEX-Live is the ultimate live assist software for any Internet or Broadcast radio station. It is flexible, with customizable user interfaces; and powerful with numerous features. Use it in tandem with APEX, or as a stand alone software. And is FREE with our broadcast consoles.


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